Sunday, 9 October 2016

What keeps me going?

Blogging is by no doubt, the one thing that i enjoy doing the most and i won't ever give up doing, because it is that thing that i call the best hobby of mine. 
However, life never goes to plan, it is never as calm and easy as we think it would be. When we think that everything is under control, that is exactly when .. a huge wave hits and changes the order of our thoughts. 
No matter what, i think we still love life and embrace it for however it is. That is why, i thought instead of sharing why i have been away, it would be more positive and happy to share about what keeps me going, as a fresh come back to doing what i won't give up for anything. 

1. Adding a new piece to my wardrobe: 

Buying new things no matter how small they are, never fail to make me happy. Mind you, i always buy pieces that i can build an artsy flatlay around to share on Instagram. So i guess my happiness is double in this case :D 

2. Learning new things & skills 

cute flatlays 
I love photography and styling flatlays, if you follow me on my Instagram you would know how much obsessed i am. So learning about new angles or some new editing skills make me the happiest. 

3. Everything happens for a reason 

It is good to remember this, no matter what the case is everything is meant to happen for us to be happy at the end. 

4. Taking a break is ok

It doesn't mean you have failed, it only means you have had enough for now, it is time to set back and think so the coming would be the best you can every get.

What about you?
What keeps you going when things seem hard?

Thank you for reading; 


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